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CDL Violations for South Texas Truck Drivers


Serious traffic violations. A commercial driver license holder who receives two serious traffic violations in a period of three (3) years is subject to disqualification of commercial driving privileges for a period of 60 days. A person who receives 3 serious traffic violations in a period of three (3) years is subject to disqualification of commercial driving privileges of a period of 120 days. A serious traffic violation is a conviction occurring when driving any motor vehicle. Texas Transportation Code 522.081

Serious Traffic Violations are:

  • Speeding 15 mph or more above the posted speed limit;
  • Reckless Driving;
  • Improper or erratic traffic lane change;
  • Following too closely;
  • Any traffic violation in connection with a fetal crash;
  • No Driver License;
  • Unlawful display/possession of Driver License;
  • Fail to display Driver License;
  • No Commercial operator license;
  • Expired Commercial operator license;
  • More than 1 DL in possession – Commercial Motor Vehicle;
  • Domiciled over 30 days-(CDL Operator who has resided in Texas more than 30 days and has not obtained a Texas CDL); and
  • Railroad violations (convictions for violation of a law that regulates the operation of a motor vehicle at a railroad grade crossing)

There are no reinstatement requirements for serious traffic violation disqualifications.

CDL drivers are in high demand in South Texas due to oil boom. Your salary can triple with CDL license in South Texas. HOWEVER, CDL drivers are held to higher standard by the state of Texas and their employer. Depending on what kind of ticket you get it can cost you have your CDL license suspended anywhere from 60 days to 120 days. A person can also be fired from their job for receiving to many traffic tickets.

The difference between a regular license and CDL is as follow:
Regular License
Qualify for Defer Probation
Qualify for Defensive Driving

Do not Qualify for Defer Probation
Do not Qualify for Defensive Driving
You must paid the fine or go to Trial

If you get a ticket that falls outside of the serious traffic violations listed above you may pay it and not be penalized by the State. However, check with the company you work for first. Some companies do not want any traffic ticket convictions.

If you get a ticket that falls under the serious traffic violations call me and let me help you resolve this ticket without you being penalized.

Attorney Roberto Vargas has been practicing law for over 16 years, and he has taken many cases to trial. He does not have problem taking your case to jury trial if it is needed to help you.